Maybe you don't need one, but here is why you SHOULD have a Travel Agent

Posted on 06/01/2020



Quite a few people out there feel fine buying their car online, buy a com free house, to self medicate, cut their own hair ...or book their own travel. Some may know exactly what they want, some think they are saving money and others just don't like talking to people. Whatever it may be, you are both right and wrong.

So here is what we know and you (unless you are a travel agent), may not...

  • Agent's help is mostly FREE. You see something online - you call - we do it.

  • How do we make our money if we don't charge you fees? Tour operators are paying us a commission out of the package total. The price is the same, if you use our agents, our website or book on your own.

  • We have special agreements on airlines, not available online. Sometimes, that means one ways that are otherwise not allowed, other times we include luggage that is extra and on occasion, we can give special discounts for our clients based on exclusive sales to promote out rop selling destinations!

  • A travel agent has been to the place you're looking at - or has had hundreds of clients that have. It's almost the same :)

  • You can probably get a much better hotel for $20.00 more. But you don't know it.

  • You can get an ocean view upgrade for 200.00 or for 20.00. Sometimes the $200 if well worth it, and other times the $20.00 will not do.

  • We know a good deal. We also know a rip off. If something looks too good to be true, WE NEED TO TALK.

  • We know what is under construction and what really needs a face lift.

  • We follow the rules and know them, most often before the airlines themselves.

  • If we can't help you, we know who can.

  • We answer the phone.
    If your flight is cancelled, we answer the phone. If you are stranded, we answer the phone. If .... Hurricanes, Covid19, SARS, political unrest, Volcanoes, 911, earthquakes, flight delays, aliens .... or your passport is expired at check in, we answer the phone.

  • We are PERSONALIZED, FOR YOU. You know our names, we know yours. We know what you need, sometimes better than you do.

  • We have been doing this for a very, very....loooong time. We talk travel in our sleep.

  • Our OWN KIDS are our guinea pigs for yours. They have tried all sorts of kids meals, seats, water parks, 15hr flights, airports, services, the bad and the good of all children worlds.

  • We know the busy place, the party place and the it place. We also know where to run away from them.

  • We know what resorts are WEDDING FRIENDLY. Not all have good prices or the best wedding deals.

  • Sometimes you can get a better hotel for less money. Actually, quite often.

  • Sometimes changing your date will make a huge difference.

  • Hotel websites give us exclusive rates for our clients.

  • You don't have to lift a finger - to book your seat, your insurance, your meal, your transfer, your vip lounge, your limo, your overnight....more?

  • We are the first to visit a destination after a hurricane, so we can tell you. We are the first to fly when ways are unknown, so we can tell you.

  • We are people and we are people who do our job. We have spent sleepless nights over your departures, flight changes, your stress and your overall travel happiness. We drag everyone and anyone into your successful departure. Sometimes even our husbands.

  • When booking with us, not only are you making a friend - but you are also helping local charities, events, kids in need, your kid's sports teams and dance groups, sporting events, school sales, theatres, music events and many other SPONSORSHIPS we are dedicated to every year. Thanks to you.

  • We love travel. Your story is our story. We love hearing from you and having your experience help others in shaping the best vacation possible.

  • We have been to 120 countries. All continents, including Antarctica, Greenland... and some places, we visit a few times a year, like Cuba. We like this travel thing. We want you to like this travel thing also.