Thank you everyone for being you!

Dear Friends and Clients,

as you know, this has been a very difficult time for us and the whole industry.

We have tried our best in staying positive and have had countess success stories and rescues over the last months, that we will always be talking about. Despite all that is going on, despite all the obstacles that we were facing, there has always been at least that one customer - every day - that made our day!

A lot of you have managed to travel safely, emergency or vacation, but we do realize that most of you have been staying at home - waiting for the right moment, waiting for that green light, searching and researching all the new places you are going to visit then this is over.

You have followed us all this time with encouraging messages on Facebook... you have followed and loved us on Instagram, even more! - You have shared our posts with your friends, discussed issues with us and you have recommended our services to people who were stuck in emergency situations ...

We have received wonderful notes and emails to keep us going and to appreciate you even more.

We have a number of customers who purchased gift certificates for themselves and their loved ones, just to make sure they travel, when we are clear to take on new adventures.

We have received jokes and you have all been such an inspiration for us, to stay on top of the game.

Most of all, we can claim that all of you have been more than understanding while your flights were cancelled, rebooked, gone, rebooked again and through all the testing and complications, all that we went through together this past year.
We became friends through difficult times.

We are truly blessed to have you, just as you are, and it is a pleasure working with you.

The best customers in the world!

As the sun and the sea and adventures are not going anywhere, we intend to be the best in the world for you as well !!

Anita Djordjevic
All Seasons Travel

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