Date of Issue: 2020-05-27 Effective Date: 2020-06-01

  • Subject: Mandatory Face Coverings (defined below) and Airport Access Restrictions

Heading to Toronto's Pearson airport? Here's what you need to know about new changes

Masks now mandatory, terminal access restricted

According to a release issued by the airport last week, the following policies are in effect as of June 1:

  • All passengers and airport employees must wear masks in public spaces, except when eating or drinking.
  • Terminal access is restricted to passengers who are travelling on the same day, as well as airport employees on duty. "Meeters and greeters," or those dropping friends and loved ones off at the airport, are not permitted to enter the terminals.
  • Passengers arriving at Pearson Airport are asked to exit the terminal buildings immediately upon collecting their luggage.
  • Employees are not allowed to dwell or gather in passenger areas for non-work reasons.

In addition to those changes, passengers are "as always" encouraged to follow in-terminal signage and maintain at least two metres distance from others whenever possible.

There are some exceptions to the new rules; travellers under two years old or those who have trouble breathing are not required to wear masks.

Friends or family members of someone who requires mobility assistance, or those accompanying a minor travelling alone, are allowed access into the public spaces of terminal buildings.

The health and safety of passengers and airport workers is a top priority at Toronto Pearson. In ongoing consultation with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and local health authorities, we continue to evolve requirements in support of the health of workers and passengers at Toronto Pearson facilities.

The following requirements are mandatory and must be followed by all workers and passengers. The GTAA may change these requirements at any time. These requirements have been communicated to businesses operating at the airport and the Toronto Airport Workers Council.

Effective June 1, 2020 • All passengers and airport workers must wear a face covering at all times when in public areas of the airport (except if asked to remove the face covering for identification purposes, or to facilitate communication with persons with disabilities, or if seated and physically distanced when eating or drinking). This includes the pre and post-security screening areas of the terminals, parking facilities, people mover train, sidewalks/curbs outside the terminals and other outdoor public areas. • Access to the airport, including the terminal buildings, is limited to travellers disembarking from flights and departing travellers in possession of a valid ticket

Toronto Pearson Directive : Mandatory Face Coverings (defined below) and Airport Access Restrictions 2020-05-27

for flight on the day they are in the terminal, and workers performing their work duties. • Everyone using airport facilities must maintain 2 metres’ physical distance whenever possible and wear a face covering. • Airport workers must not dwell or loiter in terminal spaces and must not use seating inside the terminals.

Background and Impact

Face coverings – Effective June 1, 2020, for the protection of everyone in the airport, passengers and airport workers are required to wear face coverings at all times in public areas of the airport, including the terminals, parking garages and sidewalks/curb areas.

Definition of Face Covering: Face covering means any non-medical mask or face covering that is made of at least two layers of tightly woven material such as cotton or linen, is large enough to completely cover a person's nose and mouth without gaping and can be secured to a person's head with ties or ear loops. While working in areas that are not used or accessible by the travelling public, including leased or other private office or spaces, face coverings are not required if 2 metres’ distance from others can be consistently maintained.

Exceptions: Passengers and airport workers with respiratory conditions or persons with disabilities where the condition or disability renders the wearing of a face covering not feasible

Note: Employers are responsible to supply their employees with face coverings.

Terminal access restrictions – Access to the terminals is restricted to workers on shift/performing their duties and passengers disembarking or departing. Meeters and Greeters are not allowed to accompany passengers into the terminal.


Meeters and greeters and other persons assisting a person travelling as an unaccompanied minor or assisting persons with disabilities.

To access the terminal buildings, airport workers must be arriving for a scheduled shift or workday. Access points for all terminal users will be limited to (except in the case of an emergency): • Terminal 1: Departures level, second set of doors across from check in aisles 3 and 4, EB3002 and the eighth set GA3003, top of aisle 11 and Transborder security, Level 2 South and West bridge, Arrivals level, door A and D, Ground level, door R • Terminal 3: Departures level, doors opposite crosswalks, escalators from Link Train, Arrivals level, Domestic and International Doors.

Airport workers who need to meet with family members or other acquaintances for any reason before, during or after their workday, must do so outside the terminal buildings. Family members or acquaintances are not permitted inside the terminals for any reason until further notice from the GTAA.

Physical distancing – Keeping a distance of 2 metres from others is a critical step to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All airport workers must maintain 2 metres’ distance from colleagues and passengers wherever possible.
Gathering and dwelling – To eliminate non-essential interactions and physical exposure between passengers and airport workers, airport workers are not permitted to dwell or gather in passenger areas for non-work reasons. Airport workers who enter passenger areas to use airport amenities like food, retail services, or washroom facilities must make their purchase and then leave the passenger area. Workers must not use seating within passenger areas, including for consumption of food and beverages or resting. Avoiding these areas ensures adequate space for passengers and helps promote a healthy and safe environment for all.
Ensuring Toronto Pearson is the safest possible environment for workers and passengers is everyone’s responsibility. Airport workers who notice travellers not observing the above guidelines on face coverings, terminal access, physical distance and gathering and dwelling are asked to politely educate and encourage them to adhere to these requirements. As part of their patrols, Peel Regional Police officers, ASP security guards, and GTAA Public Safety Officers will be politely educating staff and passengers not following these requirements of the importance to do so from a health and safety perspective. If people become aggressive, please call 416-776-7381 to request assistance.

The requirements set out in this Directive are effective beginning on June 1, 2020. We will monitor compliance with these requirements and take feedback from stakeholders for a period of 14 days. Please contact Dwayne.MacIntosh@gtaa.com directly to offer your feedback
Thank you for your cooperation in support of our collective health and safety for a safer airport experience.

Kath Hammond Vice President, Governance, Corporate Safety and Security

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