Wellness Travel


When it’s time for you to slow down, put your iPad to rest and turn off the mobile phone - so you can reconnect with your body, mind and soul - What are you in the mood for? Is it a tranquil environment, yoga, Pilates, adventure, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding or just relaxing with a massage?

If your goal is to improve, maintain or kick-start your well-being during your vacation - join one of our Wellness Groups.

Since we have had 3 big groups last year cancelled (2020! aaaaa!), there are about 50 of us waiting to be back on the road to use our vouchers and upgrade ourselves.

BALI WELLNESS will definitely take place in the next 12 months and if you'd like to be on my list of guests or to receive more info,

please email anita@allseasons.org

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